Medical Savings Account (MSA)

Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) are individual savings accounts for the purpose of accumulating savings earmarked exclusively for medical expenses of the account holder, his/her family dependents, and other beneficiaries he/she can designate. MSA's are held in custody with the Social Security Administration (ROPSSA) and managed by the PHCF according to the rules and regulations adopted by the PHCF Committee.

• MSA Usage

TIP:  Don't forget to bring your SS Card.

If you are a beneficiary of another person's account, there is no need for the account holder of the MSA to accompany you to your medical appointment of service. All you need to do is present your SS card, driver's license, or any other other ID that shows your SS number.

If you are responsible for paying a patient's medical bill or are obtaining a prescription on behalf of another person, please present the SS card of the patient. Even if the patient may be a beneficiary of your account, the medical provider who will be processing the MSA deduction must verify the SS number of the patient.